When we bring our hands together to pray, we imitate the one:
Proclaiming the word of God.

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Imitate the one

When we pray before each game, we are praying for God’s glory. But remember: not every victory will show up on a scoreboard.

Just like football, life can be tough. Football Faith reminds us that with God anything is possible. But how can we get closer to God and walk in His loving shadow? Imitate the One. Perform Godly actions and model behaviors that make the world a better place. Do charitable deeds. Love one another. Give thanks and be inspired by God’s blessings, each one a sublime gift. With every Godlike action, large or small, we manifest the miracle of God’s grace.

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Faith + Football

An inspirational story about the connection between faith and football.

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Our double-sides design allows you to flip it inside out and wear 2 different styles.

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